Sunday, December 11, 2016

Freeload Cartridges now available!

After some trial an error with the new design, the redesigned Fastload clone FREELOAD, is now available from!

Newly designed Freeload! 

Freeload in my 64 Reloaded showing the activity light hidden under the label!

Freeload is 100% Epyx Fastload compatible and has been tested extensively with SD2IEC and normal Commodore peripherals.  

A big thank you to Dale at DDI for this newly redesigned PCB and thanks to Elecrow for not letting me down with not only function but form, these boards are beautiful!

Bare PCB

 If you would like more info please check out DDIs website
These are available directly from me now and in my Etsy store before Christmas!!

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  1. I forgot to point out, I was pulling my hair out(something that could take quite some time) over a perceived error on the PCB. I enlisted the help of Jim Brain, Jim Mazurek and Eric Kudzin at World of Commodore to help me debug. Turns out that Beer and 3am testing is the best system for troubleshooting as Eric found that I had mistakenly used 47pF capacitors instead of 47µF. Big thanks my friends from Chitown (and Iowa)